New | July 21, 2017
Kenneth Whalum bears his soul on Broken Land, his new record out now.

Kenneth Whalum 2

There are those who are broken by heartache, loss and pain – and there are those who understand that joy and love come at a price. Like a ghostly apparition, R&B artist Kenneth Whalum whisps through deep eddies of emotion as if he can’t get enough. He writes a blank check to that effect, weathering life’s volleys of despair, knowing damn well that love is just over the hill. His blend of R&B and tasteful hip hop beats make for a true representation of his passion for raising hairs and telling stories.

As an accomplished saxophone player, he’s toured with the likes of Frank Ocean, D’angelo and is featured on Jay Z‘s critically-acclaimed 4:44. While these are incredible accomplishments, we would be remiss to judge him on those alone. This new album, Broken Land, showcases not only his talent as a musician, but a soul that is uniquely fit to produce such beauty. Listen below.

On the new record, Kenneth writes: “This is a very personal project for me. I believe so deeply in the reality of my emotions that I find a hard time releasing music until every single thing reflects the feeling,” Whalum explains. “I did this with this album. I took the time to experience pain. I didn’t run from it. You hear that on these songs. You feel the heartache but you also feel the victory and joy that comes from those experiences. Sonically it is a very clear statement of all these things.”