| November 6, 2013
Kevin Morby – Slow Train (Ft. Cate Le Bon)


You may have heard of Kevin Morby before. He has, after all, made a name for himself as both the singer/guitarist for the Brooklyn band The Babies and bassist for Woods. Recently, however, the Kansas City Native announced the release of his debut solo LP, Harlem River, an album he has dubbed as an homage to NYC, the greatest city in all the land.

Harlem River’s first single, “Slow Train,” is a smooth folk track layered with serene strings, a delicate high-hat and a slight reverb. The last verse of the song is rounded out with a perfectly harmonized assist from emotive Welsh singer Cate Le Bon. Together these two artists turn “Slow Train” into one of the most relaxing tracks we’ve heard in a while. I don’t hate the idea of hopping on the A train, putting in my ear buds and listening to Morby all the way from 207th St to Far Rockaway. Neither should you. Stream “Slow Train” below.

STREAM: Kevin Morby – “Slow Train (Ft. Cate Le Bon)”