| September 25, 2013
KHUSHI – Magpie

Though deserving of more, KHUSHI has so far garnered just a small bit of press and praise. But what has been said seems consistently positive: they’re beautiful, the blogs have concluded. We announced as much just last year. Indeed, “Magpie” is beautiful. But its beauty seems a bit deeper than some of the other pop songs it recalls. It’s not overproduced or “fake” beauty. More than just painted-egg pretty, there is a yoke beyond the song’s delicate shell. A sad but energetic song, the melodies are at times contemplative, at times soaring, and the poly-rhythmic tick tock of both marching drums and metronomes recall the regretful passage of time.

Now we have video to go along with the beauty. Feeding off the song, which implies a more whole, authentic beauty, the video offers a glimpse of a beautiful but unglamorous, aging relationship, a night on the town with two senior citizens. Like the best of music and film, the song and video for “Magpie” seem to blur the lines between what is life and what is art; at the end of the three-plus minutes, the only thing we’re left sure of, is that both are beautiful.

A remastered version of “Magpie” is set to be released on 7 inch vinyl by Laissez Faire Club on 10/7; it will be backed by the B-side “Never Never.”


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