| February 11, 2013
Kirk Spencer – Kukcu (Ft. Safia May)

Nottingham-based producer Kirk Spencer’s last EP, Enter the Void, layered samples of traditional Indian music over dub-step beats with results that ranged from gorgeous to ham-fisted. Fortunately on his new song “Kukcu,” Spencer takes a page from his UK contemporary Jai Paul’s playbook and delivers something that manages to feel organic and airy without throwing the baby — err… bass hits and sitars — out with the bathwater. Accompanied by a video that appropriately puts the viewer in a kaleidoscope-y asteroid field, “Kukcu” is a promising direction for this new producer.

Kirk Spencer’s Wonderland EP is set to be released March 25 via Stranger Zoo.

STREAM: Kirk Spencer – “Kukcu (Ft. Safia May)”