| February 12, 2013
Kisses – The Hardest Part

The evolution of Kisses‘ elegant tropical disco sound continues on their stellar new single “The Hardest Part.” The LA duo made its name with endearing, lo-fi bedroom Balearica crafted from DIY drum machine, synth and guitar parts. More recently, we’ve seen them fleshing out that initial vision, but not obscuring it, with sharper production and more nuanced songwriting. On “The Hardest Part,” our first taste of the band’s impending second LP, Kisses depart somewhat from their natural beach habitat and plunge into a Brixton basement, exploring the vaguely macabre sound palette of 1980s British synthpop (Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, The Human League).

Kids In LA is out May 14th on the wonderful Cascine label – home to the likes of Jensen Sportag, Chad Valley, Erika Spring and Wildarms.

STREAM: Kisses – “The Hardest Part”