| June 27, 2012
Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

Lana Del Rey released a video today for “National Anthem,” the latest single off her debut album Born To Die. The Anthony Mandler-directed piece lasts nearly 8 minutes and features a surprising cast of characters. Taking inspiration from the Hollywood of yore, the story begins in film noir style as we see Lana take the stage in a dress only fit for Marilyn Monroe. Joining her in this throwback tale is A$AP Rocky, who enters the scene as a backwards-cap sporting audience member. As the narrative unfolds, our stars take on roles of a more presidential proportion, with A$AP as JFK and Lana antithetically now as Jackie O. The video’s production of the all-American love triangle story is both romantic and scandalous, and well worth a watch or two.

Lana Del Rey won’t be gracing the District with her presence any time soon, but I speak for many when I say this video is enough to sustain a pretty healthy girl crush. Born To Die is out now via Interscope.

STREAM: Lana Del Rey – “National Anthem”