| December 18, 2013
Lindsay Lowend – Basement Dweller Overture


Symbols Recordings artist and D.C. native Lindsay Lowend returned to grace our ears yesterday with “Basement Dweller Overture,” his first original music since the release of his Wind Fish EP in August. You get most of the tricks and treats here that you expect of Lowend: 8-bit chiptunes, snatches of vocoder vocals, slap bass and jazzy piano runs. Things take a nasty turn in the bridge where, after a tranquil interlude, distorted textures hike up a thumping beat and the song marches on to let you exercise a minute or so of head-nodding and neck swiveling. It’s almost as if he went for NES trap music here, and things turned out really well. Remember to gently blow on this song before slotting it into your player.

DOWNLOAD: Lindsay Lowend – “Basement Dweller Overture”