Video | August 18, 2017
Check out the Twin Peaks version of Lissie’s “Wild West”


When Lissie’s Wild West was released, it represented a pulling back of the curtain and a glimpse into the untold drama of the singer’s creative process. The 2017 version of the track – which recently appeared on David Lynch’s Twin Peaks – ditches the synthetic backdrop of the original in favor of sparse guitar strums and heavy kick-drum thuds. Lissie’s scratchy voice roars over the ether, embracing the emblematic kicking and thrashing of today’s folk-rock movement. Stripped of its trimmings, this version of the song captures her emotions in their rawest form. The music video, filmed by 14-year-old Finn Deen-Lester, follows a group of children and their steps, both grainy and unfocused, as they celebrate losing themselves in a distinctly American wilderness. Watch below.