| August 3, 2012
Live: Charli XCX and St. Lucia @ Bowery Ballroom

We’re at an interesting point in music where DJs and producers are more prominent than ever before, and concerts often rely on theatrics rather than the performances themselves. In a live show, so much of the crowd’s energy comes from the artists; from their nuanced movements and idiosyncrasies that give a glimpse into the passion and conviction for the music they’re playing. Two such standout artists are Charli XCX and St. Lucia, who I had the opportunity to see perform over the weekend at Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Just last week, the two came together on a remix of Charli’s single “You’re The One,” and now the two have paired up for a co-headlining tour of the East Coast. Brooklyn’s St. Lucia eased us into the night and played one of my favorite tracks, “All Eyes On You,” complete with Mike Ruby on sax. The quick glances and smiles between band members revealed a group of people who, despite playing the same set night after night, seemed like they were always playing it for the first time. By the time St. Lucia had finished their set, the atmosphere in the venue was electric and ready for Charli to take the stage.

Charli XCX is a 19 year old singing heroine who is quickly rising to pop stardom. The girl from London has been riding high off the release her long-awaited EP, You’re The One and also touring nonstop for the better part of this year. When she took the stage at Bowery Ballroom, it was like watching a seasoned pro performing for an intimate crowd of friends. Charli bounced around on stage with vivacity, tossing a pair of black streamers back and forth. Before delivering her best known track “Nuclear Seasons,” Charli got the crowd amped with a cheerleading chant of “”When I say Charli, you say X!” By the time she was ready to deliver the opening verse of “When you go please don’t leave your love in the sun,” her backing band was already cued up for the next song. But the crowd was already mesmerized. Throughout her ten song set, Charli kept the crowd bewitched with her romantic and sometimes defiant brand of dark synthpop.

More pictures and setlist after the jump:

STREAM: Charli XCX – “Youre The One (St. Lucia Remix)”

Charli XCX Set List
Feel My Pain
Lock You Up
How Can I
Stay Away
Killing Moon
End Of The World
Nuclear Seasons
You’re The One

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