| October 25, 2011
LIVE: Minus the Bear @ 9:30 Club

Ah, the coveted album anniversary tour — it doesn’t get quite better than that. I remember heading to the 9:30 Club earlier this year to check out Coheed and Cambria, who were playing The Second Stage Turbine Blade — a high-school favorite of nearly everyone I know — in its entirety. My opinions on their later material aside, the opportunity to relive this seemingly ancient album was incredible and a much-needed dose of nostalgia. Last week, Minus the Bear, another long-time favorite of mine, came to the same venue and pulled a Coheed of their own by playing their breakout album, 2002’s Highly Refined Pirates, the whole way through. Immediately after the band kicked into album opener, “Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco Twister,” you could tell the crowd was hungry for it. The band’s main set was interspersed with a few songs from their later catalog, but being able to hear classics like “Absinthe at the Fly Honey Warehouse” and “Spritz!!! Spritz!!!” was what people were here for. As an added bonus — and I mean bonus — after closing out the album, Minus the Bear returned onto the stage for a hefty encore of even more songs which they closed out with “Pachuca Sunrise.” This is how anniversaries are done.

Franz Mahr caught the show on camera. Check out his photos after the jump.

STREAM: Minus the Bear – “Into The Mirror”