| August 11, 2011
Live: Typhoon @ Sixth & I

On August 4th, at 8pm, a small army of musicians descended on the Sixth and I Synagogue to lead a concert/performance/revival. The band, aptly called Typhoon, rolled in and promptly set the crowd afire. After a killer NPR Tiny Desk Concert, a performance in the trees for La Blogotheque and an appearance on Letterman – Typhoon’s popularity is booming. They are half orchestra, half choir and all emotion. Their songs are infused with the lessons learned by Kyle Morton, their conductor if you will, who battled with Lyme disease during childhood and plays with a passion as if there is no tomorrow.

Morton kept up a lively banter with the crowd replete with jokes, plugs and compliments – my personal favorite being, “I am sure you all are a wonderful crowd, even after we leave.” The sold-out crowd was distinctly Northwestern transplants wearing plaid, with long hair and beards in full effect and it seemed like the band fed off that energy.

They kicked off the set with a strong rendition of “White Liars”. Other highlights included “Summer Home” and ending with a sing-a-long to “The Honest Truth”. My personal favorites were “Cpr, Claws – Part 2”, which really showcased the multitude of talent in the band and their new song,”Common Sentiments”. I had high expectations going into the show and Typhoon exceeded each and every one. To cap off a whirlwind few weeks, the band performed at Lollapalooza this past Saturday.

MP3: Typhoon – “The Honest Truth”
MP3: Typhoon – “Summer Home”