New | September 13, 2017
LKFFCT share “Hatchling” ahead of new record


New Jersey indie rockers LKFFCT are returning to roots with “Hatchling” and following up with their sophomore album. With vocals rooted in classic Americana, the band channel early influences known for earth-rattling reverb and tumultuous breakdowns. Jawbox fans take note – this one will scratch you right where they might be itching. To that effect, the new record is staying true to the garage vibe and crushing it in 38 minutes. While it’s certainly not the shortest (see Le Shok’s We Are Electrocution), it’s quick enough for us to immediately hit repeat.

Their forthcoming album, Dawn Chorus, is out October 6th on Sniffling Indie Kids. Listen below.

On the new single, the band write, “‘Hatchling’ is the first song that we wrote for the new record & has been a staple in our live set for over a year now. The song is about maturation and learning to empathize with those who may not share the same life experiences or ideals.”