New | March 27, 2017
Local Natives pull us in on “I Saw You Close Your Eyes”

Local Natives 1

LA indie-rock band Local Natives literally wants you to close your eyes and immerse yourselves for “I Saw You Close Your Eyes”. It was designed to keep listeners solely invested in the music. Cut out all the distractions like email, social media and online games and just focus on the music being pumped into your ears.

The website works like this — After you enable your computer’s webcam, the song will start only once you’ve closed your eyes and given the music your undivided attention. If your open your eyes, the song stops. Clever apps aside, “I Saw You Close Your Eyes” delivers on a sonic level. A twangy, low guitar riff and beautiful three-part harmonies create that relaxed and cool sound Local Natives has defined for itself.

Instead of a regular post, we’re linking you to the website to experience this for yourself. Allow access to your eyes here.