| August 10, 2011
London Label Love

Several key independent record labels have been hit hard by the unrest and looting over the past week in London. Specifically, the fire at the the Sony distribution center that housed indie distributor PIAS. The PIAS warehouse was home to physical product (vinyl, CD’s, merch) for countless key independent record labels including XL Recordings, Sub Pop, Rough Trade, Matador and more. A complete list of affected labels is available via Pitchfork. The labels have lost hundreds of thousands of pieces of physical product resulting in millions of dollars of potential sales. Most of the financial loss will hopefully be covered by insurance, but many of the smaller labels don’t have the money to float through the next few months of insurance claims. There have been a couple of campaigns started to encourage buying digitally over the next few days to support these labels and as of this morning, LabelLove launched to accept donations. Many of the artists we post about on a daily basis here at All Things Go are supported by these indie labels, so we encourage you to PURCHASE a digital album by one of your favorite indie artists affected or go to LabelLove to donate directly.

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