| March 11, 2014
Lowell – Palm Trees

Lowell is back with a video for “Palm Trees.” She takes on all the production duties here, creating a short-form DIY cinematic experience for the I Killed Sara V track. The video opens on Lowell lying still on her side, looking longingly off-camera and mouthing the lyrics as different patterns of light cover her. Once the song builds up, she is constantly interrupted by different versions of herself, which range from guitarist to bunny hopper.

Lowell uses projections of an old school movie to tell the story of what appears to be a typical summer movie fling. Cut to a close-up shot of the back of Lowell’s thighs when the surfer stud disappears and the plot takes a turn for the bizarre. The visuals begin to alternate between this story and shots of Lowell appearing to rise and float in the clouds. Lose yourself in the video above.

Lowell will be playing the All Things Go and Indie Shuffle official SXSW showcase at Maggie Mae’s Rooftop on Friday, March 14th. Details available at the link below.

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STREAM: Lowell – “Palm Trees”