Premiere | May 18, 2016
Video Premiere: M. Maggie – Leaves

Singer-songwriter M. Maggie has just released a stunning new video (shot on 16mm) for her song, “Leaves,” directed by Kenny Suleimanagich and Meredith Truax. The focus of the video rarely leaves the singer’s face, as it explores the appropriately confessional space of a church as M. Maggie discusses her own complicated relationship with unrealistic notions of perfection.

Here’s what M. Maggie had to say about the song.

Leaves breathes life into the parable of the tree; a good tree bares good fruit and a bad tree, bad fruit. If you feel that your life isn’t producing something joyous and beautiful, is there a way to start new? “Up like a kite, don’t fly away, leaves fly away” Its reminding you not to get carried every way the wind blows. Stay rooted in whats good and you’ll be unmovable.