Video | February 6, 2015
Madaila – I Know

A silver space suit. An aerial dance routine. A frontman embracing the his inner-middle schooler and dancing about. This isn’t what you’d typically expect from a new, indie-pop project from Burlington, Vermont, but you’ll be damn glad it’s what you got.

Madaila is the latest project from Mark Daly, former lead singer of Chamberlin, and a fantastic new addition to your regular 2015 pop rotation. Their first single, “Give Me All Your Love“, used a heavy rock intro to bring you in and Daly’s smooth vocals to invade that space in your head where pop-riffs stick around for days.

“I Know” relies on a similarly infectious combination of synth, a funky beat and, yep, Daly’s hypnotic voice to do the same. The video for the track is a testament to the band’s desire not to take themselves too seriously. While their songs may be about love desired, lost and gained, why should that prevent you from hopping on some cloth and swinging around for a bit?

If you’re in New York this weekend, catch Madaila at Rockwood Music Hall this Saturday.

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