| June 3, 2011
Manchester Orchestra – April Fool
(The Joy Formidable Remix)

Joy Formidable‘s take on Manchester Orchestra‘s “April Fools,” a great track off of their latest LP, Simple Math, is far from the danceable fare the word “remix” tends to bring to mind. The Welsh trio’s reworking of the song jumps back and forth from the glitchy and spastic to something a bit more driving and industrial, culminating in a cascading electronic breakdown. But under all the digital flair, the remix has an undeniable rock feel. If you’ve ever had the fortune of catching the Joy Formidable in concert, then you know they’re no strangers to the rock. Perhaps that’s why this unlikely pairing with Manchester Orchestra is all the more appropriate.

MP3: Manchester Orchestra – “April Fool (The Joy Formidable Remix)”