| March 30, 2012
Maps & Atlases – Fever

Maps & Atlases last album, Perch Patchwork, saw the Chicago quartet embrace their once-dormant pop sensibilities. Long touted for their mathematically-intricate musicianship, tracks like “Solid Ground” and “Israeli Caves” saw the band blend angular guitar and drum beats with gorgeous melodies. Today the Barsuk signees released “Fever,” the first taste of their upcoming record, Beware & Be Grateful. The track continues down the same path as Perch Patchwork, replacing impressive bouts of finger-tapping with bright synths and a bouncy drumbeat. Fans of the old shouldn’t fret though; their live set is still chock full of the classics. Beware & Be Grateful comes out April 17th on Barsuk.

MP3: Maps & Atlases – “Fever”