| October 28, 2011
Memory Tapes – Offers

[youtube YnFZq-tuIrU 557 313]

Memory Tapes is one of the less talked about chill-wave surfers, but arguably the prototype. In all likelihood, Dayve Hawk would rather not be mentioned in the same sentence with chill-wave … well, too late. However, his music does deserve to stand alone, and his latest effort, Player Piano,¬†out this past summer on Carpark Records, is further proof. More like Toro y Moi than Neon Indian, Memory Tapes works with a sparser, dreamier landscape of sounds. And “Offers” is another phenomenal example of this: his laid-back psychedelic pop sensibilities twirling around and around until you (the listener) find yourself staring at a big bubbly cloud of cotton candy funk, just waiting to be lapped up. Trust me, I don’t make this stuff up.

STREAM: Memory Tapes – “Offers”