| April 12, 2012
Miniature Tigers – Sex On The Regular

A sparkling new video from Miniature Tigers has surfaced for their song, “Sex on the Regular.” The track comes from the group’s third studio album, Mia Pharoah, which dropped March 6th of this year.

With all the colors of the rainbow, retro sketches akin to the DrawSomething app, and innuendos that prove NSFW, the video’s quirkiness stands to match TMT’s sound. Under the direction of Max Goldblatt, the video is inexplicably mesmerizing; as we watch the moving pictures unfold, the imagery ranges from a naked babe playing sax to a, well, singing lady-part. The bizarre video somehow charms us into staying tuned to watch what appears to be a teenage boy’s sketchpad come to life in a very psychedelic way. In short, this video is David Bowie’s spirit animal.

Miniature Tigers, currently signed to Modern Art, will soon pay a visit to the District for back-to-back shows on May 3rd and 4th at the 9:30 Club supporting fun. for both of their sold out shows.