| March 20, 2012
Mister Lies – False Astronomy

“The music is not the truth.” Or so Mister Lies wants us to think. This enigmatic epithet graces the anonymous Chicago-based producer’s Facebook page, Twitter handle, and most recently serves as a scrolling introduction to the new video for “False Astronomy,” a hot new jam off his hot new 4-track Hidden Neighbors EP. But what does it mean? Is Mister Lies trying to tell us that “the truth” is not to be found in his blissful minimalist beatscape? Can it not be defined by the tags of “ambient gospel” or “trip hop” that bandcamp has tried to pin on it? Directed by Nick Torres and more closely resembling a four minute sample of an iTunes visualizer than a music video, “False Astronomy” does succeed in breaking down predictable electronic tropes by combining a haunting sample of Joni Mitchell’s “This Flight Tonight” with ethereal piano notes and a high-tech-headphone-worthy bass line. While I don’t necessarily trust someone named Mister Lies (or is it more than one person? Mystery seems to be ML’s MO), anyone who can make me enjoy looking at four minutes worth of “particle animation” might be worth a little wool over the eyes.

MP3: Mister Lies – “False Astronomy”