| October 2, 2013
Misun – Promise Me (The Hood Internet Remix)


To prep for our very own CMJ showcase – Wednesday, October 16th at Brooklyn Bowl – I’ve been revisiting my fave offerings from this heavily stacked evening’s ATG-approved lineup. Apparently, the boys from The Hood Internet have been doing the same thing – and they’ve come up with a breezy take on “Promise Me,” released earlier this year by self-described aquawave pop purveyors Misun. Who knew that a dash of hi hat-infused cool would fit this song like a glove?

Though I miss the punching syncopation of the original’s drums, I can’t help but wonder if this more tropical climate is the song’s natural habitat. Where the first edition sprints, the re-imagining struts; it’s okay to take it slow when you’ve got arresting vocals and a killer hook to show off. And here’s to going all-in on bleepy arpeggios. My name is Justin McCarthy, and I approve of bleepy arpeggios.

Stream it below, and obviously cop the download, and OBVIOUSLY come to ATG Presents: Hit Parade at Brooklyn Bowl on October 16th up in New York (where you work in the private sector and you get dat $$$ no matter what’s happening on C-SPAN). C’mon y’all, bowling! MARK IT EIGHT, DUDE.

STREAM: Misun – “Promise Me (The Hood Internet Remix)”