| March 25, 2013
Misun – Promise Me

“Promise Me” harkens to the catchy fuzz of Swedish pop that bands like CHVRCHES have implemented so well, but where Lauren Mayberry always sounds as wide-eyed as Daisy from Great Gatsby, Misun Wojcik asserts a vocal authority on the track that keeps the whole thing a little closer to ground level.

With two producers handling the instrumentation for Misun, this bounce-heavy track is more what I think most people assumed Misun would originally sound like, with its hypnotic drums and high synth line that resembles the dreamiest parts of Odelay. But by establishing their “aqua pop” sound with their debut, The Sea EP, this track now comes as a welcome, toe-tapping surprise and a strong follow up to recent releases like “Battlefields” and “Harlot“.

Misun member William Devon told me, “We’ve kinda been using this winter as a time for development. We moved studios and started spending a lot more time together, but we also took a break from live shows to really focus on writing new songs. ‘Promise Me’ was recorded on a pretty warm afternoon last month, and it’s sorta been our feel-good theme since.”

I can’t argue about the feel-goodness, and I’ll be excited to hear it live with they play the BroccoliCity Fest on April 21st.

MP3: Misun – “Promise Me”

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