| February 11, 2013
Mogwai – Wizard Motor

Scottish quintet Mogwai practically wrote the textbook on slow-build, loud-soft-loud-soft, epic instrumental post-rockback in the mid-90’s. Now, on their new track “Wizard Motor,” they aren’t afraid to go off script.

Keeping it shockingly brief — under 5 minutes — the sinister minor-key track stays true to the band’s namesake; ‘Mogwai’ means “evil spirit” in Cantonese, and the band’s dark, brooding movements are ever-present on “Wizard Motor.” It begins with a dirge-like organ, then deftly grafts pristine sheets of switching electric guitars, gritty, trashed bass lines, cavernous toms and gated electronic snare samples before making an ominous full-stop exit, like a phantom disappearing into thin air. It’s a mature, retrained piece that leaves you wanting more, something that can’t often be said about common fare in the genre these days. Stream it below.

“Wizard Motor” appears on Mogwai’s Les Revenants EP, out February 25th on Rock Action/Sub Pop.

STREAM: Mogwai – “Wizard Motor”