| June 7, 2011
Morning Links: The D.C. Metro Map, Revamped

Morning Links is a new feature here at ATG. Join us every morning as we round up yesterday’s biggest music news, local happenings, and general awesomeness.

The designer of the iconic D.C. Metro Map is taking a stab at designing the updated version. [DCist]

Rep. Anthony Weiner finalley admits that he took and sent the controversial photos of his privates Easiest…joke…ever. [WaPo]

Apple unveils iCloud and iMessage. R.I.P. Blackberry. [P4K]

Someone else loves The Antlers’ Burst Apart as much as we do. [Muzzle of Bees]

The Nationals select “the next Bryce Harper.” Not too shabby. [Mr. Irrelevant]

The fourth annual Roots’ Picnic looked like a pretty fun time. [Stereogum]

Sonny Shotz drops “I’m Only Twenty,” produced by local ATG-fav Brenton Duvall. [PBC]

Incredible renditions of all your favorite retro baseball players, including Oscar Gamble. [Paul Windle]

Check out D.Veloped “mashterpiece,” which samples Mighty Mighty Bosstones. We know.

STREAM: D.Veloped – “Brassified Information (ft. Nicki Minaj & Missy Elliot)”