| June 16, 2011
Morning Links: Mumford & Sons Cover The National

Stereogum: Watch Mumford & Sons cover The National’s “England” rather brilliantly.

Miss Info: The Weekend releases “The Birds (Part 1)” video.

Puck Daddy: The Bruins win the Stanley Cup. Hasn’t Boston won enough already?

WaPo: Local man has sex while driving drunk at 85 mph. Somehow this isn’t an Onion headline.

Paste: Bright Eyes set to release six-song live EP.

Spin: Check out the video for “Calgary,” the first single off Bon Iver’s new album.

Baby Astronauts: “Fergie Isn’t Pregnant, Just Really Likes Tacos.”

PoP: Columbia Heights; then and now.

Uproxx: The many faces of Ron Swanson, Nic Cage, and others.

PogoMix: Australian producer Pogo creates another mashup of sounds from movies with LotR:

STREAM: Pogo – “Murmurs of Middle Earth”