Video | August 30, 2017
Brazil’s traveling trio Mosquitos shares “Counting The Days”, a cut from their new record

Mosquitos 2

Imagine if life felt like a dream sequence, with the softest of voices narrating every thought. Somewhere in this image we get Mosquitos, the Brazillian trio who are sharing “Counting The Days”. Self-described as “tropicalia-punk-folk”, this video certainly fits the description, with the encompassing warmth of tropical tones and influence that meet the friendliness of folk. In the new video, we find the band frolicking with friends in the charming green of tall grass, with a haze that brings infinite calm with the greatest of ease.

The band are vocalist Juju Stulbach, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Root, and keyboardist-programmer Jon Marshall Smith – three lifelong friends who have spent the last ten or so years bouncing between Rio de Janeiro and Oaxaca (this photo finds them in a patch of ripe agave). Their fourth album, Mexican Dust, is out now on Six Degrees. Watch below and be wooed.

On brainstorming about the direction of the video, vocalist Chris Root says, We had no idea: Let’s just start shooting. Anything beautiful…  The green grass outside the house on the field looked so lush. We brought the drums out there and began filming. Just playing music in the green, then juju walking through it…. then little Jaspe, our neighbor’s granddaughter, curiously walked by with her cousin.” Hey, do you guys want to be in a music video?” It felt and looked so special with them that we started calling all the characters from town, our friends, to come listen to the song as they walked in the tall green grass. Our friend Vicente Pouso did the photography. It was edited in Brazil by our dear Felipe Joffily and Rafa Oliveira. The main editing note was to make sure everybody ended up appearing in it. When we go home we’ll invite every one, have a fiesta project the video on the wall.”