| December 6, 2011
My Morning Jacket – When the Bells Start Ringing

As I’ve previously documentedMy Morning Jacket can light a stage on fire with wailing vocals, screaming guitars and earth-shattering bass. That may sound like hyperbole, and it is, but trust that its not far off. While this is certainly what they are known for, they are equally exceptional at employing subtle melodies and Yim Yames’s falsetto to create beautiful acoustic ballads. Their knack for peaceful alt-country tunes is displayed on their Holiday iTunes session that came out today.

The free single, “When the Bells Start Ringing”, brings in tour mates The Head and the Heart to provide backup vocals.  The song is about being on the road and longing for home. For a band that is on tour more than 200 days a year, that seems more than appropriate.  Carl Broemel plays a fantastic slide guitar and drummer Patrick Hallahan eases the song along with a delicate shuffle beat. Everything comes together to support James’s voice and lyrics. So raise your ‘nog glasses and toast to the “ones that you love”.

Happy Holidays.

MP3: My Morning Jacket – “When the Bells Start Ringing”