| August 13, 2012
My Morning Jacket – Outta My System

If there is a god, he probably has a beard. In an act of divine, facial-haired intervention, Jim James and co. have collaborated with Zach Galifiankis on a video for My Morning Jacket’s “Outta My System.” The treatment for this Circuital track features the wandering frontman, who after jumping into a desert rabbit hole finds himself in a strange, animated world that’s trippy even by MMJ standards. James and the rest of his one-eyed bandmates are then pursued by Galifiankis, an evil wizard who reigns supreme over a fluorescent outer space trash heap. Basically, it’s the best video game you never had. The video coincides with the band’s Outta My System Remixes Y Friends EP release, which features remixes by Washed Out and TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek. Circuital and Outta My System Remixes Y Friends are both out now via ATO Records.

STREAM: My Morning Jacket – “Outta My System”