| August 5, 2011
Neon Indian – Polish Girl

If you like songs about Eastern European women, then you’re in luck, becauseĀ Alan Palomo — or the “Chillwave wizard” as Pitchfork calls him — has done it again. You thought Chillwave was dead? Wrong. It’s here for good.

Chillwave is all about atmospherics, and that is where Neon Indian reigns supreme. With “Polish Girl,” Palamo sets up a synth-heavy backbone, and uses a variety of techniques to shift and bend different parameters of the song. You expect bubbly, bouncy dance pop, but what you get is a bit different. It’s drunk, woozy 80’s dance pop soaked inĀ mescaline. It’s like walking through some sloppy costume dance party on acid. It’s friggin’ awesome. Check the track out below.

STREAM: Neon Indian – “Polish Girl”

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