| December 3, 2012
The New Division – Pride

If the New Division‘s name calls to mind the two bands whose thick reverb, quick rhythms, and affective vocals ruled new wave in the late 70s and 80s — Joy Division and its progeny New Order — that’s no mistake. The L.A. four-piece borrows heavily from this pair of giants, but strains those iconic sounds through a modern filter to create something fresh and new. “Pride” opens with lush, full synths playing out a lilting melody, and when John Kunkel’s low croon comes in with Brock Woolsey’s carefully picked guitar, the track is immediately transported to a slowdance on a 1980s dance floor. The song expands into high quality dream-pop, meandering and swirling in air, weightless and enveloping at the same time.

“Pride” is the first track on the four-song digital EP Night Escape, out now on the New Division’s own label, Division 87 Records.

STREAM: The New Division – “Pride”