| July 5, 2011
Nicky Blitz – Summer Sinner

[vimeo 25871712 557 313]

Nicky Blitz is more of an obscure concept than just a recording artist/producer. I’ve known Nick Scapa, AKA, Nicky Blitz for a while and we’ve worked together on various music projects. I talk to him a few times a week and each time our conversation begins with me asking where in the world he is. Bouncing between LA, New York and Miami regularly – his music draws on the varied influences of those cities combining elements of indie rock, four-on-the-floor disco and electro pop.

The first song off of his eventually-to-be-released EP is called “Summer Sinner”. The above video was spliced together by the guys over at SPREADhouse using some footage from a wild Yotel party that Blitz played along with The Knocks and Oberhofer a few weeks ago. The formula behind the song seems to have been pretty simple – hole up in your Miami studio, recruit some DFA dudes to help out with backing tracks and write a song romancing the machinations of summer love. The result is a well-structured and bonafide dance-floor JAM . The synth line around 2:15 is absolutely infectious: beware.

STREAM: Nicky Blitz – “Summer Sinner”