| January 6, 2012
Oberhofer – Gotta Go

According to his Twitter, Oberhofer has been working furiously on tracks for a yet unnamed album due out early this year. In the meantime, this baby bro dude (he’s only 20) hailing from Tacoma, Washington is releasing the single, “Gotta Go” on January 9th via Black Iris. You may remember Oberhofer’s 2K10 love anthem “AWY FRM U” that made you simultaneously want to scream and dance and somehow said everything you wanted to tell that musician dude you’ve been dating for three months that’s been ignoring you (…just me?). “Gotta Go” is much along the same lines, with its emotive lyrics like “I wish I could change what I can’t control” and catchy hooks. Brad Oberhofer says he doesn’t want me to go and frankly, I don’t want to leave.

STREAM: Oberhofer – “Gotta Go”

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