| October 23, 2012
Ofei – London

Ever randomly stumble upon a song so good that you assume it’s been covered by every blog you read, only to find out that it’s still relatively unknown? Do you then mentally high-five yourself? I certainly do this occasionally, and I absolutely did it this morning after hearing Ofei’s debut track “London.” Very little is known about the LDN-based singer and his music projects. His mystique further piques my interest in the gripping new video for “London.” The track is a delicious taste of “London Soul,” a rough, jazzy production that bounces between tempos and instruments with ease. Ofei’s wailing pleas of “I want it back now, give it back now” hit with a sense of unbridled urgency, begging the listener to surrender to his demands.

Whatever you want, Ofei. I’m all in.

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