| October 11, 2012
Panama – It’s Not Over

In addition to ATG favorite Anna Lunoe, Aussie label Future Classic has a host of other talented artists under its auspices. One of the most promising among these is Panama, a Sydney-based quartet headed up by classically trained pianist Jarrah McCleary. The brand new track “It’s Not Over” is the first thing we’ve heard from the band since their chilled out summer jam “Magic,” and it’s enough to leave us seriously excited for their impending debut EP. The song follows a formula familiar from house classics like the Chemical Brother’s “Surface to Air” and LCD Soundsystem’s “Home”: a slow, steady build, driven by propulsive disco percussion and a sparse but hopeful instrumental arrangement – a sort of indietronica version of R&B’s Quiet Storm subgenre. It’s a recipe I’m a sucker for, and Panama’s tropically-tinged iteration is a lovely one.

The video, produced by the people at A Nice Idea Every Day, features some stylish bandits and their bemused toddler accomplice.

Panama’s It’s Not Over EP, recorded in LA with assistance from the wizards at New York’s DFA studios, is set to be released November 2nd via Future Classic.

STREAM: Panama – “It’s Not Over”