New | April 12, 2016
Paul Simon – Wristband


Paul Simon is one of maybe only two living musicians who can do no wrong. The other, whose influence can be heard all over a track like this, is Thom Yorke. This is partly due to their timelessness. Graceland is still selling. Every five seconds, a new tween thinks they’ve uncovered a hidden gem at the local record store.

How appropriate then that our times, which are starting to resembles the times of Graceland sonically, have also ushered new funky, muted yet fully movable Paul Simon in the form of “Wristband.” Like Simon, it starts randomly, sounds atop sounds, plucky bass atop shuffling percussion; an encounter becomes a groovy reflection. Paul Simon never needs a wristband, because as he says, “my ax is on the bandstand, my band is on the floor.” Come on. You have to be down with that guy. Listen below.