New | March 28, 2017
Perfume Genius does it again on “Slip Away”

Perfume Genius 1

“Love don’t ever break the shape we take.” It is just me or does every song seem very aware that this is Armageddon time.  “Slip Away” is Perfume Genius’s new anthem and it is all about being tethered – to love, to ecstacy – to beautiful things with beautiful people. The video features a dance, an alt tango almost, between two loving souls who wish to imbibe and rejoice in the wonderland of their romance. Are they in Eden, or an alternate planet? Well does it really matter? the loud guitars and booming drums tells us that either way they’re on the precipice of something major. The track gets rhythmic, breaks, down, builds up, falls apart, all trademarks of the imperfect perfection of Mike Hadreas’s work. His forthcoming record No Shape is out May 5 via Matador. Listen below.