New | June 10, 2015
Phil Cook
Great Tide

Label: Thirty Tigers   Genre: americana   Sounds Like: Volcano Choir, Megafaun

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Durham, NC. If you, like me, wonder where the current gravitational pull of some of the most interesting Americana rock is being produced, that’s the place. I’m sure there are a lot of good explanations as to why that’s occurred, but Phil Cook‘s new single “Great Tide” seems to sum up all those reasons in one glorious song.

I couldn’t tell you if it’s that long, harmonious “Oooh” to gently bring you into another place and time. Or if it’s that infectious guitar lick that just sticks with you long after you stopped listening. Or if it’s the deeply-Southern (and really, American) gospel chorus that makes you want to jump out of your chair and clap along with a room full of people sharing a history together.

This song brings together a deep tradition of American roots music, once forgotten, now back in the mainstream thanks to bands like Bon Iver, My Morning Jacket, Dawes and others.

Based on Phil’s resume, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. He’s been a part of or affiliated with acts like Megafaun, DeYarmond Edison and Hiss Golden Messenger for a long time. He’s got the chops to incorporate all the sounds that have been floating in the American ether for the last few years and combine them into one, cohesive answer as to where this music has come from and where it is going.

His wife, alternating between poignant language and the mandatory record company boilerplate, writes on his website that after every project they “find a stretch of open highway, dial the volume knob to max, and drive the listening length of road.” Upon finding a good stretch near their home in Durham, Phil asks, “You ready?”, as much to her and himself as to the world.

Yes, we are, and September can’t come soon enough.

Southland Mission is out September 11th on Thirty Tigers.

Phil Cook
Great Tide