Photos | September 13, 2016
Photos: Sleigh Bells @ U Street Music Hall

Sleigh Bells_8

What’s a better way to get through the week than sweating it out with Sleigh Bells on a Wednesday night? Alexis Krauss and Derek E. Miller gave D.C. fans the stress-relieving outlet we all need at their sold-out show at U Street Music Hall. LA-based artist Miya Folick started the jam session with mellow but definitely strong and passionate vibes. When Sleigh Bells took the stage, they dove right into their signature pop-rock intensity. Whipping her hair around and screaming into the mic, Krauss encouraged everyone to just let go. And the crowd did let go, turning the venue into a head-banging mosh pit. While holding hands with a fan, Krauss told the venue’s security guards to let the audience get close to the stage. The duo played their classics, “Crown on the Ground” and “Infinity Guitars,” but also shared songs off their new album Jessica Rabbit, to be released November 11. The show ended with Krauss crowd surfing and promising that Sleigh Bells will be back to D.C. soon. Check out our photos below.