| September 13, 2012
Pink – Give Me A Reason (Ft. Nate Reuss)

In an act of unpredictable pop collaboration, Pink and fun. frontman Nate Reuss have joined forces to bring us “Just Give Me a Reason.” Pink tones down her usual adrenaline-soaked vocals for a softer sounding duet with Mr. Reuss. The song tells the story of a pair falling out of love, but hope for the troubled couple resonates as the chorus rings out over and over that the two are optimistic that they’ll “learn to love again.”

Being a Nate Ruess fan from the good ol’ days of The Format (RIP), I confess that I was set on hating this track. After a couple listens, though, I must stubbornly admit that the Pink/Reuss combo isn’t all that bad. In fact, it’s delightful. Just as the thought of a Pickleback might sound cringe-worthy at first, the song actually goes down quite well.

“Just Give Me a Reason” comes from Pink’s 6th studio album, The Truth About Love, available September 18th on Sony.