| June 21, 2012
Polarsets – Distance

Ever wondered what it would be like to go on tour with a band? Lucky for you, the guys in Polarsets invite you to experience a true family roadtrip with them via their hand-held-recorded video for “Distance,” a cut of their recent Exotica EP. Throughout Polarsets’ globe-trotting adventure, we are taken on a journey via land, air, sea and everywhere in between. Don’t blink while watching this video or else you might miss an homage to our home sweet home, DC. The District makes a couple cameos including a metro stop and a few monuments you might recognize. The band’s willingness to broadcast their personalities as well as their travels between appearances shows a certain modesty, and you can’t help but get a definite sense of a humble group of people who are thankful for the amazing journey that is their music career. Polarsets’ Exotica EP is out now via Euphonios.

STREAM: Polarsets – “Distance”

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