Pop Quiz | October 22, 2013
Pop Quiz: Bangerz vs. LIZZOBANGERS


Two of the most buzzworthy albums of the year were released this month in Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz and Lizzo’s LIZZOBANGERS, to different ends. You might think that a female rapper on the verge of a major breakthrough has little in common with a country singer’s daughter known for grinding on MTV, but these two artists can actually be quite difficult to tell apart. Test your knowledge of Lizzo and Miley with the trivia quiz after the jump, and perhaps you can answer the eternal question: which banger bangs the bangingest?

STREAM: Pop Quiz Playlist – Bangerz vs. LIZZOBANGERS

1. Who was recently the target of a Sufjan Stevens rant criticizing her grammar?

a) Miley
b) Lizzo
c) Dinah Washington, for “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby.” It wasn’t timely.

2. Who released a music video that features white girl twerking?

a) Miley
b) Lizzo
c) All of the above
d) Let’s be honest, if Gwen Stefani were still making music, who’s to say she wouldn’t be pulling this crap?

3. Which of the following do Miley and Lizzo NOT have in common?

a) Subtle pro-gay rights messages in music
b) Southern roots
c) Wrote song about the plight of twentysomethings today
d) Spent childhood on popular Disney show

4. Who took inspiration from Lazerbeak’s album Lava Bangers, eventually working with him and sampling many of his beats?

a) Miley
b) Lizzo
c) Major Lazer
d) Major Deegan

5. Who was inspired to start writing music after seeing Destiny’s Child perform at a Wal-Mart?

a) Miley
b) Lizzo
c) The guy who writes all the Wal-Mart jingles

6. Whose line is, “they ask me how I keep a man, I keep a battery pack?”

a) Miley
b) Lizzo
c) That’s such a Samantha thing to say

7. Whose album features verses from Future, Big Sean, French Montana, Ludacris, and Nelly?

a) Miley
b) Lizzo
c) Well, it should be obvious, because Ludacris is extremely selective.

8. Can you match the artist to their birth name?

a) Melissa                                            Lana Del Rey
b) Destiny Hope              X                   Lizzo
c) Elizabeth                                         Nicki Minaj
d) Onika Tanya                                    Miley

9. Who credits her vocals to a childhood spent singing in church?

a) Miley
b) Lizzo
c) Just about every country singer ever

10. Who is “Will Smithing these hoes?”

a) Miley
b) Lizzo
c) Do you mean who said that, or who is literally doing it?
d) Jaden Smith, if you think about it


1. (a) Miley. Sufjan took issue with her line “I been laying in this bed all day long” on “#GETITRIGHT,” so he took to his Tumblr. It was a little much.

2. (c) All of the above. We all know about Miley’s infamous booty-shaking for “We Can’t Stop,” but Lizzo also used a twerking white girl as a background element in her video for “W.E.R.K.”

3. (d) Spent childhood on popular Disney show. Both are Southerners: Lizzo grew up in Houston, and Miley hails from Nashville. Miley is a vocal supporter of gay rights and sang, “we can love who we want to;” the video for Lizzo’s “Batches & Cookies” was partially filmed at a Westboro Baptist Church counter-protest. Lizzo’s “Faded” addresses the bleak realities facing twentysomethings today, while Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” is a dark ballad of youth struggling with addiction. At least, that’s what it sounds like to me.

4. (b) Lizzo. After a period of intense writer’s block, Lizzo was revived by listening to Lava Bangers and later reached out to fellow Minneapolitan Lazerbeak. They ended up collaborating together, and LIZZOBANGERS is the final product.

5. (b) Lizzo. Destiny’s Child emerged from Lizzo’s hometown of Houston, Texas, and inspired her to start writing music as a mere 5th grader.

6. (a) Miley. The line in question is from “SMS (Bangerz),” and is rapped.

7. (a) Miley. While working on Bangerz, Miley described it as a hybrid between country and hip-hop. In addition to the rappers who guested on it, she also worked with producers Pharrell Williams, will.i.am, and Tyler, the Creator.

8. Melissa = Lizzo; Destiny Hope = Miley; Elizabeth = Lana Del Rey; Onika Tanya = Nicki Minaj. Lizzo’s full name is actually Melissa Jefferson, and Lana Del Rey’s is Elizabeth Coolridge Grant. Miley was originally a family nickname derived from “Smiley.” I have no idea where Nicki Minaj came from.

9. (b) Lizzo. She grew up singing gospel at church and listening to The Winans, The Clark Sisters, and Fred Hammond.

10. (b) Lizzo. The line in question is from “Faded.” I think there’s a real argument to be made for Jaden Smith, though. Then again, have you read his Twitter? Yikes.

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