| November 5, 2013
Premiere: Bel Heir – Fault Lines


A couple months ago we introduced you to a small four piece from Philadelphia by the name of Bel Heir. Since then they’ve emerged from anonymity to become a band clearly on the cusp of something special. Fresh off a tour with Sir Sly and Magic Man, the band haven’t let up on their promise to release a single on the first Tuesday of every month, and today we are exclusively premiering their latest track “Fault Lines.” Fans of The Neighbourhood who find themselves itching for new material will find a safe haven in the pop-noir songs that Bel Heir are pumping out on a regular basis. With tracks like, “Kiss The Devil,” “Neon Skies,” “Throw Me In the River,” and now “Fault Lines,” already to their name, it’s becoming more and more apparent the sort of potential this unsigned act possesses. We suggest hopping onto the Bel Heir bandwagon now and hitting play on “Fault Lines” below.

If you like what you hear, you can buy Bel Heir’s “Fault Lines,” along with an ASTR remix of previous single “Kiss The Devil,” over on iTunes now.

PREMIERE: Bel Heir – “Fault Lines” [PREMIERE]