Premiere | September 12, 2016
Dreaming About

goodwood atoms

Vancouver’s GOODWOOD ATOMS just released a haunting synth-rock new track called “Dreaming About.” Fast-paced but stained with darkness, “Dreaming About” is all folk melodies when it comes to vocals and prog-rock patterns backing it up with a wall of synths. Check it out below.

Here’s what bassist/vocalist Joey Pooley had to say about the new track:

It wasn’t much more than a drum loop and a vocal track when I brought it to the band, and we were able to craft it into something really sonically rich but also fun and danceable. It has a straightforward pop feel that’s different from most of the other tracks on the record, which are more dark and nuanced. But it works because its themes are a bit darker. It’s kind of bittersweet in that way.


Upcoming Tour Dates:

Wednesday, Sept 14 – Vancouver @ The Fox with IMUR + Zac McMillan

Thursday, Sept 15 – Victoria @ Rifflandia Fest

Sunday, Sept 18 – Kelowna @ Habitat

Monday, Sept 19 – Golden @ Rockwater Grill

Tuesday, Sept 20 – Edmonton @ Needle Vinyl Tavern (happy hour early show)

Wednesday, Sept 21 – Edmonton @ Almanac on Whyte

Thursday, Sept 22 – Lethbridge @ The Owl

Friday, Sept 23 – Medicine Hat @ The Local

Saturday, Sept 24 – Calgary @ The Gateway with 36? + Pearl Emerald’s

Dreaming About