Premiere | October 18, 2016
Premiere: Inner Oceans – Call Through The Wire

Denver dream-pop trio Inner Oceans are releasing a new track and accompanying video for “Call Through The Wire.” The track is a psychedelic slow-burner with an 80s vibe. There’s an echo-like quality to the vocals that makes it sound like the song was recorded in a vacuum. Check out the trippy video above and the track below.

Here’s what the band had to say about the new track and video:

This song materialized -lucidly- in one day while we were living in the mountains.  It seemed that something profound was happening so we did our best to capture it. For a moment, we felt like we had fallen out of a time bubble and could see things with a broad clarity.  We wrote about the people in our lives that never change, never leave, never disappear.  And how, assuredly, they one day will.
For the video we worked with Luca Venter.  He also does all of our artwork. We wanted something simple and synesthetic.