Premiere | October 4, 2016
Premiere: La Pêche – Red Tambourine

la peche

Brooklyn quintet La Pêche self-describes as “folkgaze.” “Folkgaze” is our new favorite genre. La Pêche just released a gorgeous piece of said folkgaze, called “Red Tambourine.” It’s an intimate story of the bond between siblings, recalling fragments of a shared history that now only exists in memory. There’s almost a jam-bandy feel to some of the music here, and lead singer/songwriter Krista Diem’s voice certainly has a folky tinge to it. “Red Tambourine” is the first track off of La Pêche’s upcoming Bright and Bending EP, out October 21st via Bakery Outlet Records. Check it out below.

Here’s what Krista Diem had to say about the track:

This bittersweet song is about me and my brother being inseparable and in our own little world as kids; but as we grew we also grew apart. Looking back on us when we were young and missing that partnership.