Premiere | July 13, 2016
Following the Sun (Acoustic)

Label: 0E0E   Genre: Pop   Sounds Like: Soleima


About a month ago, Emil Wilk, who performs as M.I.L.K. released a dreamy 70s-style pop track he called “Following the Sun.” The swaying tune sounded like a play on the music you’d get when the phone was on hold, except you wouldn’t want to hang up. Now, he’s releasing a new acoustic version, which sounds almost like an entirely different song. This stripped-down version, with nothing but a guitar and a lightly echoing sax gives the song a much more melancholic feeling than the original. M.I.L.K. has such a lovely, unique voice that’s suited to do both so well.

Here’s what M.I.L.K. had to say about the acoustic version:

I always wanted to play around with some acoustic stuff but were always more drawn to more electronic productions, so I just never got around to do something 100% acoustic. But after we finished the original version of “Following the Sun” I was extremely tired in my ears and only listened to super stripped down tunes for a while like Simon & Garfunkel, Nick Drake and others of that sort. So then I decided to try out an acoustic version; just guitars, vocals and a dash of saxophone.

Here’s the new acoustic version:

And check out the original here:

Following the Sun (Acoustic)

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