| March 18, 2013
Premiere: Maylee Todd – Baby’s Got It (Greeen Linez Remix)

Maylee Todd is an eclectic Toronto-based vocalist with a penchant for genre-bending arrangements rooted in jazz, funk, disco and soul. While members of my generation will always associate the “neo-soul” movement primarily with funny-hatted 90s icon Jamiroquai, Maylee is one of a number of current artists doing exciting, non-cheesy things with the genre (love you, Jamiroquai).

The talented young singer first caught our attention with her excellent single “Hieroglyphics,” a buoyant, expansive discofunk odyssey that heralded good things to come from her forthcoming sophomore LP, Escapology. Now Maylee’s back with single number two, “Baby’s Got It,” and we’re delighted to debut this colorful remix from our friends Greeen Linez. Matt and Chris inject the track with their signature City Pop funk, draping Maylee’s lovely vocals in dense layers of glittery FM synths, exotic far-off melodies and big punchy drums. Stream it below.

Maylee Todd’s Escapology is out April 2nd via Do Right Music.

STREAM: Maylee Todd – “Baby’s Got It (Greeen Linez Remix)”

STREAM: Maylee Todd – “Baby’s Got It”