| April 10, 2013
PREMIERE: Misty Miller – I’ve Got Everything


It’s hardly rare for artists these days to find some common ground between pop and folk music. More often than not, the final product can be described as “cute,” “whimsical,” or something else of the fluffy variety. Rarely, though, do you find music that manages to capture these two genres in their rawest forms.

Enter Misty Miller. The London singer-songwriter is gearing up to release her sophomore EP, Next To You, and today we’re happy to be premiering of its tracks, “I’ve Got Everything.” “I’ve Got Everything” doesn’t rely on much other than a bare-bones acoustic guitar and Miller’s folk sensibilities. As minimalist as it is, though, Miller’s knack for pop melodies shine under her sweet, earthy vocals. Listen below and see for yourself. You can also check out some of Miller’s other tracks — “Anything For You” and “Little Drummer” — after the jump.

Misty Miller’s Next To You EP is set for release on May 19th via Relentless.

STREAM: Misty Miller – “I’ve Got Everything”

STREAM: Misty Miller – “Anything For You”

DOWNLOAD:Misty Miller – “Little Drummer”